How to Create a Salary Budget

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How do you approach allocating compensation dollars into a salary budget? Managers throughout your company must work together to budget dollars for salary and help control health care and other miscellaneous benefit costs. Research Carefully … Read More

Alternatives to Layoffs

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Most people know what the word “downsizing” means … loss of jobs. Layoffs. Unemployment. So if downsizing means releasing employees, what does “right-sizing” mean?Some companies politely refer to downsizing as right-sizing, because it helps them … Read More

HR Confidentiality – How and Why

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HR has a responsibility – both to the employer and employees. That’s why concerns about potential discrimination or harassment issues need to be balanced with limiting employer liability and guarding against lawsuits. Employees need to … Read More

Working with Summer Scheduling Changes

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Work-life balance has frequently been outpolling money as the most important factor for employees! So what can employers do in the summer months when employees have more scheduling conflicts than usual? Depending on the nature … Read More

Employers and Social Media

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In this digital age, stories of employees who made disparaging remarks about their employers and were immediately given the boot are not in short supply. Kimberley Swann was fired in 2009 after calling her workplace … Read More

Employee Dress Code

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Workplace attire has evolved over the last few decades, so the answer to “what should employees wear to work” has become increasingly complex. There is no right or wrong dress code, save those that violate … Read More