Tips to Improve Company Morale

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Company morale can make or break a business’s success. Here are some tactics to think about adopting for your workplace: Help employees feel that their work is more than just a job. One’s purpose can … Read More

How to Create a Salary Budget

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How do you approach allocating compensation dollars into a salary budget? Managers throughout your company must work together to budget dollars for salary and help control health care and other miscellaneous benefit costs. Research Carefully … Read More

Alternatives to Layoffs

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Most people know what the word “downsizing” means … loss of jobs. Layoffs. Unemployment. So if downsizing means releasing employees, what does “right-sizing” mean?Some companies politely refer to downsizing as right-sizing, because it helps them … Read More

HR Confidentiality – How and Why

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HR has a responsibility – both to the employer and employees. That’s why concerns about potential discrimination or harassment issues need to be balanced with limiting employer liability and guarding against lawsuits. Employees need to … Read More