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The TPC Story

Founded in 2001 in Springfield, Missouri, TPC was initially just a payroll processor—the guys who made prepping for payday easy. Our objective was to handle the minutiae of all things payroll so that business leaders could maintain focus on their company. In fact, that’s where our name comes from—The Payroll Company. However, as our customer base grew, we saw where we could fill a greater need to best serve our clients and help them in all parts of team building, management, and retention. Payroll is, after all, just one part of the human resource process. So TPC grew as well, becoming a partner that provided More Than Payroll—rather the full shebang.

Today, TPC is a one-stop shop for businesses. We help you recruit top talent, onboard new hires, develop training programs, and enhance company culture so people never want to leave. Additionally, TPC handles all the confusing and ever-changing employment laws, assorted legalese, taxes, and mandatory reporting documents. We are your full-service HR department—just a phone call away. And when you do call, you’ll get an actual TPC human who can provide you with answers you need. No call centers and no department bouncing—you'll talk to a real person who works in our office.

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Proud to be an Inc. 5000 company.

What does it mean to be an Inc. 5000 company? We are so glad you asked. Every year, a list is released containing the fastest-growing private companies in America. The goal? To provide a look at thriving independent small businesses. Qualifying companies must be US-based, privately held, for profit, and independent. Meaning, not a division of another company or any sort of subsidiary. If you’re lucky enough to make the list, it means you have demonstrated sustainable growth—sustainable enough to be considered one of the 5,000 most successful companies in the country. TPC has retained this status for five consecutive years. In other words, we’re strong, independent, and we’re growing more and more each year.


"TPC gave me a solid foundation to stand on."

Don L., General Contractor/Small Business Owner

"It used to take me over 1.5 hrs to do payroll, but with TPC I can have it done in 15 minutes."

Lucinda M., HR Director, Local Bank

"In the absence of HR leadership, TPC has been a resource for the HR Generalist on all things HR."

Vice President of Finance, Pharmaceutical Compounding Industry

Leading By Example

Okay, so we’ll brag a little.

People who come to work for TPC don’t leave, and those who do usually have a good reason (like retirement). The reason? We have worked hard to create an environment where our team members are empowered to pursue the things that are important to them, either through career advancement or activism. At TPC, we’re big about giving back. Whether it's through the non-profits we work with, or our coordinated volunteer events, we like to stay engaged. That’s not to mention the number of causes our employees support outside of the office—these are people who are passionate about improving the lives of others in their community, and they bring this passion to work with them every day.

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