More than three-in-four workers cite company culture as a deciding factor in whether or not they even apply at certain companies. While salary and benefits play a large role in recruiting top talent, encouraging your talented team members to remain with your company is a taller order than just ensuring they are satisfied with pay.

With TPC resources like "Share & Perform" and "Learn & Grow," it's easy to build and maintain a company culture where your team can grow and thrive.


Share & Perform

Social media rules the world, rightfully or not. It’s among the first things your team members will check on their breaks, and where a good number of them will spend time once they’re home for the day. Share & Perform is TPC’s internal social media network where employees can connect, collaborate, set goals, and much more.

Share & Perform makes it easy to empower your employees through:

  • Collaboration
  • Gamification, achievements, and rewards
  • Corporate engagement, surveys, crowdsourcing, and open conversations
  • Goal setting and the ability to establish personal workstreams
  • Performance reviews and performance management

Learn & Grow

Make it easy for your staff to strengthen their skills and develop new ones by devising your own plan through a customized Learning Management System (LMS). This is an easy place to track online training, assign courses, and help build paths directly with your employees. Create and supply content that is specific to your organization, or utilize existing materials from a library of available courses. And to top it off, all of this integrates seamlessly with your payroll platform.

With Learn & Grow from TPC, you can:

  • Improve your employees’ job performance by educating them with courses tailored for your organization
  • Improve employee engagement, provide professional development, upgrade technical skills, and improve compliance
  • Create teams and assign courses based on roles and responsibilities.
  • Create custom courses specific to certain teams within your organization
  • Utilize a library of short videos and maximize gamification

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