The Payroll Company

We handle all aspects of payroll. Processing, reporting and disbursement – all seamlessly integrated with Human Resources and Time & Attendance so no box is left unchecked. Additionally, we actively look for tax credits and deductions to help you keep as much money within your company as possible. Let TPC keep up with insurance, garnishments, changing tax laws, and all the red tape involved.

TPC’s iSolved platform is the user-friendly technology you need. We offer the standard bells and whistles, including one-click payroll preview, the ability to review and process your payroll from any device, and an employee self-service portal. The extra we bring to the table is the time, dedication, and attention you have come to expect from your own employees. One of the things we’ll never automate: the level of service, care, and personal attention given to each client.


Tax Management

We calculate, deposit, file and reconcile your payroll taxes. Not to mention, we'll respond to inquiries from tax agencies regarding any returns we file for you. We guarantee that the filings will be accurate and on-time or it’s on us.

One in three businesses that manage their payroll in-house will pay a penalty to the IRS.

Report Writing

Our user-friendly approach provides you the ability to create just about any type of report you need. And the real magic? Build formulas without crafting out complex mathematical statements.
Reporting errors can lead to thousands in losses.

General Ledger Integration

Receive one-on-one assistance to ensure your General Ledger efficiently collaborates with your accounting package. Export journal entries into QuickBooks and other popular accounting software without rekeying data.
General ledger errors can cost your company time and money.

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